TITLE Wikiland
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AUTHORS Klara Källström
Thobias Fäldt
DESIGN 1:2:3 PRICE Not Set.


Wikiland consist of a tabloid with images from the house in Norfolk, England, where the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was in house arrest 2010-2012 and images from outside the Belmarsh Court in London during the Assange case, February 24-25, 2011. The editing of the tabloid doesn't reveal any close portraits of Assange and by these means, Källström and Fäldt turn the gaze towards media's reporting during this time as well as our own expectations on documentary photography when events like these are depicted.

Wikiland was awarded TT’s Big Photo Prize in Sweden in 2012 and was selected among the 50 best books published since 2004 at Hasselblad Foundation’s “The Open Book Revisited 2004 - 2014.”

Photographs by Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt
Design by 1:2:3
Edited by KK+TF
32 pages with 29 color plates
Tabloid 29 x 38 cm / 11,4 x 14,9 in
Cardboard box 20 x 30,5 cm / 7,8 x 12 in
Edition: 500
ISBN: 978-91-979697-0-3

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