TITLE Blackdrop Island
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AUTHORS Klara Källström
Viktor Johansson
DESIGN 1:2:3
Marika Vaccino Andersson
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Blackdrop Island

The photographs in Klara Källström’s second book Blackdrop Island were taken during a stay in Tokyo in 2008 and a revisit in 2010. Documenting things at night, when darkness creates black backdrops and only allows us see a bit of the scenery, is something that occupies Källström’s interest. For her, this is a way of questioning the indexical aspects inherent in the photographic practice. As in the case of Källström’s earlier series, Gingerbread Monument, Viktor Johansson has anew written a poetic suite accompanying the images. The result is shown as two parallel worlds, encapsulated in double-folded sheets where text and image cannot be reduced to the sum of its parts.

The book was released at the opening of Källström’s solo show Blackdrop Island at Fotografiska in Stockholm in September 2011.

Photographs by Klara Källström
Edited by Thobias Fäldt
Design by 1:2:3 and Marika Vaccino Andersson
160 pages with 40 color plates
235 x 295 / 9.4 x 11.8 in
Full color offset
Perfect bound /
Japanese binding
Hard cover
Edition: 1000
ISBN: 978-91-979697-1-0

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