TITLE Gottsunda
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AUTHORS The Gottsunda Workshop
Held by:
Erik Krikortz
Klara Källström
Thobias Fäldt
Viktor Johansson
DESIGN 1:2:3 PRICE Not Set.


In the autumn of 2012, artist Erik Krikortz initiated a workshop in photography and writing for teenagers in Gottsunda, a suburb in Uppsala, Sweden. The workshop was held by photographers Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt together with poet Viktor Johansson and physically realized in a book by 1:2:3. The idea of the workshop was to encourage the participants to share their own stories about Gottsunda, a place which media frequently portrays as a problem affected area. This book is a result of the told, written and visualized stories from the time the group spent together.

The participants of the workshop were: Blini Beqa, Olivia Gustafsson, Sergej Brändén, Hanna Rönntoft, Linnea Carlsson Uggla, Arjanit Beqaj, Johan Järvenson, Linnea Sitell and Kerim Ashkar.

Photographs by the Gottsunda workshop held by Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt
Texts by the Gottsunda workshop held by Viktor Johansson
Design by 1:2:3
Photographs edited by KK+TF
Texts edited by Erik Krikortz and Viktor Johansson
252 pages with 62 color plates and 30 B/W plates
170 x 240 / 6.7 x 9.4 in
Full color offset, PMS Black
Perfect bound
Hard cover with sticker
Edition: 500
ISBN: 978-91-980069-2-6

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