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AUTHORS Klara Källström
Thobias Fäldt
Johannes Wahlström
DESIGN 1:2:3 PRICE Not Set.

A Beach

A Beach consists of photographs taken along the beach in the Arab city of Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, Israel. They are presented with a photograph from the same place taken by French photographer Félix Bonfils in 1880. The buildings that are visible in Bonfils’ photograph are now demolished to the ground to make way for a modern boardwalk. The construction is a result of the occupation of Palestine and is part of the gentrification and expansion of Tel Aviv. The only sign of the missing houses are pieces of mosaic from floor tiles found on the beach in Jaffa.

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Photographs by Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt
Text by Johannes Wahlström
Design by 1:2:3
B/w image of Jaffa 1880 by Félix Bonfils
28 pages with 21 color plates
134 x 180 mm / 5.3 x 7 in
Full color offset
Accordion-fold binding
2 folded inserts
Hard cover
Edition: 300
ISBN: 978-91-980069-3-3

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